to indulge oneself in listening excessively to music ranging to 250 to 1000 bpm (beats per minute) that we commonly known as speedcore
god anthony ur such a speedcore zombie when
by specialtony June 14, 2007
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One of these people who are pumping every free speedcore track on Soundcloud, do
2000000 reposts per second and can tell you all the gossip on FB and all other plattforms
regarding the next Trash n Core party in 5 years and the previews releases on praxis, fischkopf,
splitterkor dziwko and splatterkore.
"Look man, I uploaded this track three hours ago and not even 300 clicks, yet" "Well it´s time to
make repost on another account or to send it to one of your speedcore soldiers".
"Yesterday I have seen her Facebook Account, it´s full of Kreislaufstörung Videos and Speedcore Worldwide Sampler
Reposts, never thought she could be such a Speedcore Soldier".
by Uma Thulkjashdkh February 27, 2019
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