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A person that is against a certain species;
Some specieists are against homo sapiens humans
Some are against canis lupus wolves; some are against Feline Domesticus cats; they can also be against any other species.

Some people are just specieist against animals; which basically just means they dont like those animals or they are afraid of them. This is typically not a very damaging form of this.

Some people are specieist against other humans. This REALLY sucks for them; because they are SOOO missing out. These people generally have very low IQ's and are usually found in rural areas.

Worst of all, Some kids have to live with parents who are specieist against humans; and this can do much damage to these poor children's lives. Parents speiciest against humans will not let their children see other humans often; therefore these children end up very socially slow and in many cases; saddened.
Sammie: Yo why would your parents say such mean things about me behind my back?
Chrissa: Don't worry about it. They're just specieist against homo sapiens.
by tranceaholicind July 26, 2009
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