An area in Birmingham, England. Populated with many people from Mirpur, Pakistan and Mogadishu. There is around 20 kebab shops on every stretch of a road and the crime rate is quite high. Everyone speaks with their own Sparkhill accent and after every sentence the word Bro, Cuzzy, Fam will be spoken. The main transport would have to be a Bro-Mobile with fifteen people in the back.
Typical Sparkhill Conversation
"Yo, Cuzzy them Umbro trakkies and white socks are sick famalam. And tha fake Gucci hat is maaaad famm, uuu donknow blud mansz are rolling with the P cuzzah. Braaaap them alloys on your Honda civic look too sick, all you need now is the tinted vindows and a taxi stickahh"
by 786xxBismillahxx786xx July 30, 2013
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Sparkhill is an area In Birmingham where you have all the asians. All sentences ending in fam, bro, my g, cuzzy. Uncles and aunties doing rounds in Sparkhill Park preparing for the olympics (they take this very seriously). Stratford road is where it is as bro, you can see me revving my audi rs6 yarra. You can find limited addition Stone Island, gucci, prada, north face. You name it you can find it. There are no gora or gori there so if you do see them they would probably think this is Pakistan. Also bro, never park on Grove rd, too much traffic and no space like only uncle can fit his nissan micra into the tiny gap.
‘Lets go sparkhill park and do Shisha.’
‘I own sparkhill with my audi rs6 yarra
by NDL IS SUPREME June 20, 2021
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