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Of the female gender.

An eminently fuckable pixy. Sometimes untouchable, usually quite young. Your friend's teenaged daughter is a spankmuffin.

Older women who try to hang onto their beauty are "former spankmuffins".
Moe: Did you know Zsa Zsa Gabor lost $10 million in Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme?

Larry: You mean the former Hungarian spankmuffin? I thought she was dead.
by Chav the Impaler July 30, 2009
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A person that posts sexy pictures online as an advertisement for sexual services available. Female spankmuffins are more prominent but the term can be used for males selling sexual services.
Melanie, if you’re lonely just find yourself a Spank muffin to play with.

Emma,did you see that Spankmuffin with the split dick that peed like a girl? Yeah, who’s gonna buy that? He can’t even get hard!
by Mellemma October 07, 2017
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