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Spamcunt: Pronunciation: \ˈspam kuhnt \
Function: adj. Slang: Vulgar.

Not to be confused with a "catfish".

Unlike a catfish who is often a lonely and self-conscious individual, (most often a female), who misrepresents themselves in order to establish an amorous online relationship, a "Spamcunt" doesn't seek your affection, only your money. They are usually social media accounts that are strictly created in order to spam (unsolicited inbox messages/links) you and others with porn site links, often claiming that if you follow the link provided, you will be able to see them nude and performing acts of masturbation for you, for a small fee. A "Spamcunt" is a Porn Merchant.
"Dude, I met this total Fox on Facebook, she is hot!"

"Bro, that's not a real chick, it's a bogus Spamcunt account, dumbass!"
by Werewolf Von Bloodstörm February 20, 2014
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Females who spam the internet, particularly YouTube and are virgins (which is why they have all their time to spam).
My friend had an argument with a spamcunt who randomly talked about the sky in SxePhil videos.
by SERFAHETIGOH June 05, 2009
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Someone who speaks far too much in an offensive manner.
(Noun) "There's some Spamcunt calling everyone faggots in the next channel."
(Verb) "Someone is spamcunting in all chat."
"You Spamcunter."
by Izunundara August 21, 2013
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