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Refers to the yaoi pairing between the clueless and oblivious character Spain and the hormonal, PMS-y bitch that is Southern Italy (Romano) in the Hetalia fandom. Comes from the beginning of the word 'Spain', and the last part of the word 'Romano'. The two have a historical relationship with each other and opposite personalities that compliment the other's, which makes most fangirls accept it as canon.

Others, though, seem to pair Spain up with France or Prussia (all three are members of the Bad Friends Trio) if they decide that, for some reason, Romano's volatile nature is detrimental to the Spaniard's perpetual stupidity and cheerfulness. On the opposite end of the spectrum, certain fangirls pair Romano up with his younger brother, Northern Italy, if they think that Spain's said idiocy is causing Romano problems. Both of those scenarios make for good, one-sided Spamano angst.

In the end, the point is that the pairing is very canon and is one of the most-shipped combinations in the Hetalia universe.

(Not to mention Romano often swears and yells at Spain. Nothing says love like shouting at your life partner)
P1: Hey, did you read that new APH fic?
P2: Yeah, but I was disappointed. Spamano was only a side-pairing. GerIta gets all the love...
P1: I know, I know.

P1: Do you ship Spamano?
P2: Of course I do! It has awesome historical backing, both Spain and Southern Italy are sexy, and they go together like rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong.
by marlenacecilia June 22, 2010
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A fanterm used to describe the yaoi(boyxboy) pairing of Antonio Fernandez Carriedo and Lovino Vargas from the anime series Axis Powers Hetalia. In the series, countries are represented as "human" nations, as Antonio represents the Kingdom of Spain and Lovino represents Italian Republic, Southern Italy or just Romano.

The "Spa" part stands for Spain and the "mano" part for Romano.
some Random guy: " OMG, Spamano Kawaii DESU!!"

some Random girl: "This couple is as weird and tsundere as Spamano!"
by KORUKORUKOROSU December 10, 2010
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