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A yaoi pairing in Hetalia fandom. Germany and North Italy.

It is heavily hinted (but not confirmed) that Germany is in fact North Italy's long-lost childhood love, Holy Roman Empire.

Also, Germany puts up with Italy, lets him sleep in Germany's bed with him NAKED, and lets him off the hook on a lot of stuff.

Yes, many fangirls (including myself) have a field day with just those few simple facts.
P1: Did you read that new GerIta fic?
P2: Yeah, it was awesome!


P1: Did you hear about GerIta?
P2: It makes a lot of sense, with all the facts RIGHT THERE.
P1: Tch. Fangirls don't need facts. They can make a pairing out of anything.

P2: True, true.
by Ze Mole June 27, 2009
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