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Old mafia slang term meaning hit men or assassins. Spaghetti referring to the gruesome resemblance of the victims intenstines after they are murdered.
Tony owes us a lot of money. Time to bring in the spaghetti men
by Cocoflava February 01, 2019
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A tangled group of grappling men. This occurs when a fight ends up on the ground and a seires of attempted submission moves creates extreamly homoerotic positions; a phenomenon that is most often seen during UFC fights.
Chris: Did you catch the fight last night?

Paul: Ya, it was pretty cool until it turned into a match of spaghetti men. The Phillipino guy started rubbing his stubble between the black dude's ass, and it looked like he would win, until the black guy slid his scrotum across the Phillipino's face.

Chris: Wow.
by Sir Grapefellow October 29, 2010
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