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Person, persons or institutions who have become so deeply inbred that putrification has begun not just of the mind but indeed their very soul.

This manifests itself in literal, figurative or metaphorical displays of dimwittedness such as the desire and actualisation of said desire to collect for the purposes of hoarding or recycling, Spaff. This may occur aurally, visually or physically.
Dave: I was reading a definition on Urban Dictionary

and this gimp used the word 'actualise' twice
outside of a corporate environment.

John: What a Spaff-Womble!

Joni realised with her parents due round any minute, to enjoy some of her delicious spaghetti bolognese, she had run out of time to get the parmigiana! Like a dutiful Spaff-Womble, she scoured her abode for any leftover man spaff or if need be quam-tazum (mixed gender combo spaff normally the result of simultaneous ispaffulation.) Having sourced said substance(s) Joni crushed the gusset of old panties infused with the desired substance (resulting from a 'pantie-pull-to-the-side-and-ride' side spill) thus releasing the flaky substitute for the missing Italian ingredient.
by Atari quam-tazum December 30, 2011
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