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The act of washing a vagina by use of a jacuzzi jet, faucet, shower head, hose, or other streaming water source. Spadouching for pleasure is typically discovered in one's own bathtub, but is not uncommonly practiced at a spa or hot spring. Results may vary with angle, pressure, and water temperature.

Other common forms of the word.
Spadouché, the past tense of the verb to spadouche
spadouching, adjective

Spadouche, not to be confused with spa douche, which means a chauvinistic male that does anything he pleases in the spa including, talking obnoxiously, peeing in pools, staring at women with a perverted smile and sunglasses on.
Last week Katie caught her mother, Barbara, using her watergun to spadouche her sandy twat.
by itchmyass February 05, 2017
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