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Secret group name of mid 70's anti-establishmentarianists from BHS, who spit spit-balls at the movie screen (hence the name: Spit At= "Spadette" the spelling of which was changed to hide the original crime---who cared??). The Spadettes had a motto, "Red is the Color". They added individual secondary names (ie: Spadette Zet, Spadette Jet, Spadette Bet, Spadette Met, & Spadette Det) and created personalized IDs to show to teachers who asked "Where's your hall pass?" Needless to say, everyone knew they were stoned off their asses.
"I keep finding these notes in my locker...all it says is "The Spadettes" WTF?" "Who the hell are the Spadettes?"
by Spadette Zet February 04, 2010
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