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A bedroom move that occurs when the male wants to ejaculate on the female, but she ain't having it. The move is characterized by the man holding down (sometimes actually tackling) the woman, just so he can spray on her.
Female: That was some great sex but I could have done with out the spackle tackle at the end.

Male: Yeah, I gotta stop doing that.
by Doo Brown March 25, 2007
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A combat move. usually when completely plastered, when one decides it would be a good idea to throw one's friends up against, or possibly through, the nearest wall or coffee table. The resulting holes or marks on the wall, in addition to being very noticable, are considered worthy of being fixed promptly, unlike "I'll get to that later" things such as hundreds of beer cans around the drinking place, or puke all over the bathroom.
Home Depot cashier: Are you sure you need all this wall spackle?

Broham: Yeah, actually, my bro totally spackle tackled me through the wall so hard last night at the kegger it left a fuckin' hole. Gotta start repairin' that shit somewhere.

by Alex Virgo October 06, 2007
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