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Slang for a person who (which might extend to most of humanity at this point in one form or another) is "addicted" to being in Cyberspace. Those of us who cannot fathom more than a 48 hour period without logging into a social networking App like Face Book, Google+ and/or visiting random Forums in the tradition of old Bulletin Board Systems/BBS; in which we are all interconnected to friends, associates, and commerce at a moments notice, projecting from Cyberdeck, desktop computers, or smart phones. This could also extend to those who are addicted to online shopping, and those who cannot live without looking at porn at a moments notice.
Grandfather Time: "I don't understand you and your generation at all. Why the need to be online seemingly everywhere?"

Punk Kid: "We're Space Junkie's. We live offline, but we congregate and network for offline activities in Cyberspace."
by Mercenary X99 November 19, 2011
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