Alternative slang for what most would commonly refer to as a laptop or notebook and/or netbook computer. But could also extend to an iPAD as well. It is derived from THE SPRAWL Trilogy (*this includes the short stories Johnny Mnemonic, New Rose Hotel, Burning Chrome) of Sci-Fi Cyberpunk novels by William Gibson (Neuromancer, Count Zero, Mona Lisa Overdrive). ---basically, die hard fans and wishful thinkers who are bored/disappointed with modern tech as it exists now (such as a smart phone) for being too practical and lacking imagination, and have labeled things in the manner of the alternate 1980s of Gibson's Cyberpunk world line; and in a sense, sticking to more cumbersome (and often times outdated) tech in contrast to what is accepted by the collective majority. Thus some might flip open a laptop/note book and log onto the Internet... others will power up their Cyberdeck and jack into Cyberspace.
John: "This new Smart Phone is awesome. Gotta' let the world know where I'm at."

{Case pulls out laptop and jacks in a G3/G4 modem link}

Case: "My dumb phone handles my calls... but I still lug around my Cyberdeck to get online."

{Everyone stares at Case as he does this}

Together: "Why?"

Case: "It's just how I roll."
by Mercenary X99 November 18, 2011
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(New Definition)
A specific kind of setup involving a laptop designed for VR and a VR headset of any kind, usually both found on the cheaper end of the spectrum but still involving at least some strong specs.
Both can be linked via wired or wireless means, but for sticking to the definition, the headset must be WIRED.
The more space efficient the setup is, the better, as this solution is designed to save space and cut cost for the budget VR enthusiast.
As an example, a good example would be a Gigabyte Aorus 15P, an Oculus Quest 1, an off brand cooling pad, a bamboo mini-table, and a redragon wireless/wired gaming mouse.
Dude, my cyberdeck could totally blow yours out of the water, I've got a better GPU than you do.
by Pantheris December 6, 2020
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