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A nonsensical slang term invented by a simple yet lovely girl named Emily, "Soz moz" roughly means that "one is ever so sorry, but not sorry enough to get down on one's knees and grovel, and in fact in time one's opposition will get over it (as they should), because ultimately it's more their fault anyway. In fact one is not sorry at all, but will just say as such anyway in order to make you feel better. Because one is lovely like that."
Guy: Don't make me ring you again at 10 and bug you.
Girl: It's like, 12.
Guy: Yeah but I figure as I haven't slept I can switch AM and PM around.
Girl: I see, and what would that be in my time?
Guy: 10 PM, naturally.
Girl: Ohhh, okay.
Guy: Keep up, dear.
Girl: Soz moz.
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