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A play on the words placing the word "whore" in the word sorority. So-whore-ity. Considered very offensive to say to sorority members.

1. Term for the general practices of a low class sorority house.
2. Term for any member of a sorority house.
3. Term for a sorority house
1. "They're a sowhority, fucking everyone is part of the hazing."
2. "She's a sowhority sister."
3. "With all the sluts in there, it's a sowhority house, not a sorority house."
by Hillary December 27, 2004
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the real term that was replced by whores with sorority so as to pretend they are not whores, it is a group of girls wearing greek letters on their shirts that have the same hobbie "sucking numerous cocks"
she is in the delta delta delta sowhority, the biggest one on campus!
by tyler March 09, 2005
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