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Spelled COBTEX in Russian, SovTech is the Soviet Technological war machine that produced the AK-47, T-34 tank, and the White Russian. Used by every Soviet Leader from Jesus through Putin, SovTech is the world's foremost producer of weapons, armor, and vodka dispensers. Feared worldwide as the premier producer of Stolichnaya Vodka, SovTech is the only industrial conglomerate ever to create a famine and cause winter at will.


0 AD - Jesus is born and SovTech is created
33 AD - Jesus dies, SovTech lives on
900s AD - SovTech creates Russia from scattered Vikings
900s-1917 AD - SovTech rules Russian Empire
1917 - SovTech establishes the USSR
1930s - SovTech institutes a famine
1941 - SovTech creates winter
1947 - SovTech perfects AK-47
2007 - SovTech lives on...
SovTech is the instrument of doom that really won World War II.

SovTech can control the weather.

RUN!! IT's SOVTECH!!!!!!!!!

Game over... SovTech wins...
by The Soviet February 19, 2007
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