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Southwick is a small town in western massachusettes. Many different kinds of people live in this town but many enjoy the same hobbies. Most hobbies in a small town like this consist of dirtbikes,snowmobiles,atv, bicycles, or anything to use the land we have. People who wrote these other definitions of this town are mad because no one in the town likes them. This town is not a bad place to live at all. Life is what you make of it. Those people chose to make the worse of a small town. Most people smoke pot because there is not much to do. There are groups who make the best of this town by going on the congamond lakes, getting together on weekends, and riding vehicles on the trails we have. The school disrtict has come along way from where it was 10 years ago and most kids dont like it because the school is now serious. 10 years ago people were drinking and smoking in the parking lot before class. This town is full of small business's and its good to know people. Like anything else you can love or hate this town if hate it stop complaining about it and LEAVE! because you obviously dont belong or fit in here!!
by southwick man February 28, 2011
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im from southwick, and i happen to like smoking pot and eating bbq chicken pizzas from gigis. i also like drinking arnies and smoking more pot, i like riding dirtbikes and going to parties, and smoking pot. i dont say dode, or hey, or dode hey. i love drinking beer and fucking kinda hot chicks. if you dont like that... what are you gay?
yo, lets go get a blunt and order a pizza in southwick mass.
by chickenpotpie138 February 28, 2011
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