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A small town in the southwest corner of Massachusetts. Located in Berkshire County, which known for attracting tourists from cities that are probably lacking in wildlife. Southfield is composed of a few types of people including rednecks, nature-worshipers, and second-home-owners. The tree-to-people ration is too high to record. The entire town population, including surrounding area, is about 600 people. Whereas most towns have many shopping centers, restaurants, ice cream shops, grocery stores, and movie theaters, Southfield has a general store, a post office, and a fire station. The roads are in crap condition, but it just adds to the small-town charm. A resident of Southfield generally has to drive anywhere from 10-20+ minutes to find any entertainment that isn't hiking or camping, or involving the outdoors. Residents don't normally ever have to buy groceries in the spring/summer, because the gardens and farms in everyone's backyards provide all the nutrition needed.
Guess I'll go to Southfield MA and unleash my inner love for bug-bites :)
by whadduplife June 15, 2011
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