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Southern education is like education but fake. it enchances big-chesting under the assumption that you are better than your trailer park counter-parts/cousins. Most people educated in the south (South-East United States) are from the south or northern pricks who want to take the easy way out. Most of these douche-bags that think because they took business math they can run a business. Or because they went to college and their english teacher there was southern that their ideology of how the english language should be spoken is correct. I have visted university after another and these pricks cannot grasp that they are not educated only informed and do not heed even to informing. I have only met a handfull of southern-transplants that are being educated in the north and after investigation one of their parents was a yankee that wanted a better education for them. This idiotic mess stems from the lack of application during childhood education( no child left behind. To all of you southerns stay in your lukewarm desire for intellect and dwell in the ses-pool of ignorance that you have spewn apon yourself and To you northerns taking the easy-road you'll get yours later....
Parents in alabama sued the Alabama school system, and inturn they sued themselves, wow now there's some southern education

60% of southern science classes do not have microscopes, they show a picture of a microscope and try to explain its function. If your school is this ignorant why not wake kids up at home and show them a picture of a school and let them sleep all day!!!
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