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The southeastern quadrant of Portland, a metropolis in the Northwestern United States. The SE is one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city with low levels of high school graduation and college diplomas. A predominately low-income White and Hispanic quadrant, the SE has the worst ranked schools, cheap housing compared to the rest of town, high crime, high use of drugs (cocaine, heroine), gang shootings and is the farthest from the downtown area. Despite this, some parts are tolerable and many people live the typical Portland lifestyle but the SE quadrant is still plagued by crime, drugs, theft, low-incomes and horrendous schools. It's not Detroit or Compton but it's not a place you'll want to be at night :).
Random Person: Yo, where are you from?
SE Portland resident: SE Portland, close to Gresham
Random Person: ohh shit, damn bro not the best part of the city, ehh
Southeast Portland: Yea
by Pdxguy123 August 16, 2016
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