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An area in Warren, MI that is home to alot of white trash. Teenagers from this part usually think they are tough but in reality, they are not. Lincoln High School is located there. Anyone who lives north of 15 Mile and anyone east of Gratiot who meets someone from Warren thinks they are gangsters and are generally afraid of them.
Person 1: Hey man, where do you go to school?

Person 2: Oh, I go to Lincoln.

Person 1: Dude, you go to Lincoln?!?!?!?

Person 2: Umm yeah, why?

Person 1: I heard that school is bad, alot of drugs and gangs.

Person 2: Well not really, its just a bunch of white fags that think their gangsters.

Person 1: My dad said South Warren is as bad as Detroit.

Person 2: Its getting there, the blacks are moving in pretty fast.
by BigBobBitch September 07, 2009
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The area of Warren, Michigan that holds the Van Dyke school district. Filled with a lot of white kids who think they are gangsta. Originally South 9, this has spread to include most of the area from 9 mile to Stephens.

The biggest idiotic members of South Warren will, for some unknown reason, have the phrase tattooed on their body as if you should be proud of being from here.

Also; Where Eminem grew up. Ew.
White Boy: Man, I'm from the hood, I'm from South Warren.
by LostCitySaint October 15, 2008
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