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A school in Rockville Centre. Kids from RVC and South Hempstead attend(really stupid because RVC's taxes are triple the price). Most girls are bitches and guys are druggies. Every guy wears lacrosse shorts or khakis and packs dip in the gazebos. The girls are sluts/bitches who obsess over "Red and Blue" ( a war of girls that compete in different activities ). The trailers in the back where most art classes ect. are held are very ghetto. The girls soccer team is great. The school also has an excellent IB program which raises the taxes on the town.
guy: "hey im a lax bro from South Side High School, wanna go smoke a blunt?"

girl: "hey im a bitch from South Side High School, RTV!!!!"
by CHarlans September 01, 2010
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Don't be fooled by the ghetto sounding name, this Rockville Centre public high school is home to Long Island's richest bitches and dicks. Although some students who attend South Side come from South Hempstead, the majority of the school is made up of the rich, white Rockville Centre kids. The academics are some of the highest rated not just on Long Island, but in the state of New York. Far more like a private school than a public school.
You go to South Side High School? I figured as much once I saw the Vineyard Vines fleece and Ralph Lauren tee.
by rvcbitch19 January 08, 2012
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A school in rockville centre. very rich and annoying people. avoid at all costs.
girls are bitches from this particular school.
by A_v_T January 18, 2009
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