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A small suburb of Cleveland, Ohio located near Lyndhurst and Beachwood. Most residents are 45 year olds who can't pay their rent on their puny house or 25 year olds who live with the aforementioned 45 year olds. The population is generally black, with whites sprinkled here and there. Residents typically didn't go to college, and their work (IF they ever have a job) consists of some low-key skill 2 days a week. They then blow whatever earnings on stupid items instead of saving up to move out of mommy and daddy's house. There are a few decent people here, but most are scumbags who were born there, live there, and will die there because they don't have enough good karma to get them out of there.
Girl one: I met an awesome guy today!

Girl two: What's his name? Where does he live? What's he like? Tell me everything!

Girl 1: He lives in South Euclid and -interjection by girl two-

Girl 2: South Euclid?!?! Hun, they ain't got anything good to say about those boys. You best stay away from them.
by That girl you want to love September 13, 2011
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Clowns,Butt Lickers,Triangle Members,
Retards,Ship of Fools,Host of Morons
Filled with all of the above with room for many more
by marvin January 14, 2005
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