the South Side of Chicago can be dangerous as fuck. Certain neighborhoods should be avoided. However, to say even MOST of the south side is ugly (some faggot on urban dictionary called it ugly) means you never even grew up there and you wouldn't last a minute down here because you're most likely an over-privalegded north sider bitch. You can't hang with some of the most down to earth, funny as fuck, blue collar, hard-working, and hard people (only if you go too damn far) on the planet. I lived in Canaryville and Bridgeport then moved to Oak Lawn when i went to high school. The south side is a hell of a lotta fun. you just need to be careful of your surroundings. I recently moved to Cali and people here LOVE south siders. so if any of you bitches wanna shit on our side of this great city, think again. Because we have more character in our left nut than, most of you north side and dwntwn fags have in your entire body. Fuckin' north side bitches act like they're from SAN FAGCISCO and preach how their part of the city is so progressive and with the times, while we south siders are just pretty much animals. We are the soul of the city. Irish, Black, Greek, Italian, Polish, Lithuanian, Mexican, Puerto Rican, El Salvadorian, etc. We are very diverse and multicultural with (probably) the best damn food, spirits, and pride on this whole fucking earth. So to all you bitches who wanna shit on our beautiful South Side, eat a dick.
Guy Number 1: Hey man where you from?
Guy Number 2: the south side of chicago.

Guy Number 1: omg that's like super ghetto
Guy Number 2: no it's not, asshole. It's beautiful
by batman89 December 26, 2012
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