A not half bad town full of every and any type of people you can think of, a stones throw away from Chicago. (connects to Chicago just Northeast of 87th and Cicero.) Full of suburban life and pride which over the years have led to the creation of many crews and petty crime syndicates such as the Boushnofs, O.L. Two Tones, 2-2's, ect.
Home to many former Bridgeport, Cicero, and Canaryville natives.
Oak Lawn dubbed the 60453 is the spot, straight business on the weekdays and on Friday/Saturday if your looking for a decent house party with good people you will not be in search for long.
by Steve Rodriguez December 21, 2006
A village just southwest of Chicago that is known for a severe tornado that tore it apart back in the 1960's. Also known as Stroke Lawn and Joke Lawn, due to its doofis political leaders. Also known in GuinnessBook of World Records repeatedlyas the noisiest town in the USA, due to constant ambulances going to the local trauma center all day and night, 24-7-365, many times with shot up Chicagoland Gang Bangers. Additionallythere are non sto train horns,loud trucks, cars and motorcycles, and mentally disturbed people everywhere causing disturbances , noise, and problems. Barking dogs are everywhere, and all the rental apartments are section 8 buildings. The town is basically an extention of Chicago. The local politicians are known for being boozers and lazy slackers who fail to do much other than to let the good busineses slip away and close, and get them replaced with garbage ghettolike fast food joints, which bring in more Section 8 types. There aretraffic jams everywhere, and the street lights are poorly sinchronized, causingconstant delays, and will make you take 20 minutes or so just to drive thru a town only a few miles long. There are also all sorts of signs posted everywhere, as the Mayor is a sign-happy Dimwit. Pretty much run just like Chicago, same mentality, and many of the same problems, due to shallow thinking and mentality. Complaints about ongoing problems are seldom addressed properly and rectified. It's pass the buck, Chicago Style. Patronage Lackeys
Oak Lawn was once a good place to live, but now sucks thanks to the politicians being lazy slackers.
by Rory O'Doul June 7, 2018
A place where a bunch of kids who are not really from Chicago call home. Most of the kids who go to Oak Lawn high school are either Arab or are just complete douches who don't know how to drink. Most parties consist of people just sitting around and talking about shit that will mean nothing after high school.

The girls are hot, but are uptight and don't know how to party. For some reason they are all random sluts. Some Oak Lawn terms include, shaking up with Randy's, cheesin mad, and getting wacked. The kids seems cool at first, but then you usually find out they're just annoying as all hell.

The only cool kids to find in Oak Lawn are the ones who went to Catholic Southside schools such as St. Rita, Br. Rice, or St. Laurence.

Basically going to Oak Lawn will just totally piss you off, unless you're just trying to go chill with a bunch of kids and gossip or talk about your biceps.
Oak Lawn kid one: Dude I went to this party in Midway this weekend and shook up with soooo many Randy's.

OL kid two: Shit you must have been waked bro
OL kid three: Anyone trying to go to Biami tomorrow?
by Mike fam January 29, 2016
A town where people will spend more time trying to look like they're popular than actually being popular.

The teenagers from this area all end up hating each other. The arabs end up ruining everything for everyone else and not showing much respect for anything. The females are all ran through and have no class. The only way to be cool is to sell weed, play a sport, or drive a fast car.

Everyone is definitely fake here. In Oak Lawn, its quicker to lose a friend than make a friend. Rabs are known in this area for clout chasing and being fake. Blakk are known for lowering property value. Whites/Mexicans are known for marrying each other, lmao.
I'd watch how he acts around you, he's from Oak Lawn. He'll switch up.
by mikehuntx March 30, 2021
the town where every one smokes because they think they're cool, also where every one drinks because they think there are cool.
have you been to oak lawn lately?

helllz yeaaaaaa.
by tmh fo sho October 3, 2009
a shitty public high school in the South Suburbs of Chicago.

All the kids that go here aspire to be in gangs, race some shitty ricer, clout chase, smoke weed, pop xans, or even worse, try to rap.

dont send ya kids here, this school is the definition of white trash (including arabs) and ghetto. no one seems to get along, and everyone think they hood. just a bunch of wannabe's.
i shoulda known he was off he from Oak Lawn High School!
by mikehuntx March 30, 2021