A beautiful Asian man with a kind heart. He can be insecure and hurt, but won't show it- he strives to be the best he can be. Overall, he is someone to look up to. Having a naturally beautiful way with words, people often want to get with him, regardless of gender, seeing as he is handsome, as well. He tends to be a perfectionist, from writing to grades. Once he is your friend, he is willing to be there for you, no matter how annoying you may be.

He can be very shy, but on the other hand is also a man with a charming humor, albeit scandalously flirtatious and alluring. He's known for accidentally making men and women fall for him, and the worst part is, he doesn't even try. To capture his heart is a hard task, but one that would be quite worth it. On that note, he is rather slow (and quite the idiot), and sometimes advances need to be spelled out for him to catch it.

He also like cats.

And his name means 'thick and quick.'
If you catch my drift.
Wow, look at that new Japanese exchange student! He's so perfect...he must be a Souta.

Babe, why aren't you more like a Souta?

Souta wrote a new poem today; I can't believe he thought it up out of nowhere, and it came out so beautifully.

I wish I was more like Souta.
by rainb0wpanda November 10, 2013
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The younger brother of nahoya kawata, hes the 4th division vice captain and a little angel….his nickname is angry but really hes too nice to even beat someone up. Despite him being in a gang
Person1 Is that (souta kawata?)

Person2 Yep! The 4th division vice captain, and the younger brother of nahoya kawata
by Kazubae July 11, 2021
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