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Anything that has been modified or upgraded for performance or looks(especially cars).

by John Shim February 15, 2003
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A Car that has been modified for racing.

Origin: California 1950's

A Car put together like ingredients in a soup.

was illegal drag racing slang.
now is commonly used buy professional racers.
"I think it's rolling stocks! this needs to be souped up!!".
by Lec2 February 10, 2003
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Illicitly manufactured drugs which have been adulterated.
"I got kids dying on my streets from souped-up X!"
by Stanfi3ld November 08, 2012
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When you eat too much soup and you don't feel well
Cindy lyed on the couch, clutching her stomach, feeling very souped up.
by SaltyPotato September 12, 2017
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