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SoundDrown Aka SoundCloud rappers. Specifically, the thousands of terrible wannabe rappers on the music sharing website, SoundCloud, that bring nothing new to the game, replicate the aesthetic of other successful rappers, and believe that they are the next up and coming artist based on 200 the followers they have. SoundDrowner's are called as such because they "drown" out the opportunity of any actual artist on the website making a name for him or herself.
Jimmi: Did you here //ToughLostBoy//'s new track?
Greg: Yeah, you showed me the other day he sucks and he's just biting Bones; what a SoundDrowner.
Jackson: Yo, you heard SadMoney2004's new track??? It's Hilariously bad...
Dakota: Yeah I heard that piece of SoundDrowning shit . it's just a fucking Yung Lean rip-off.

by good1 November 23, 2015
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