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Originated by the RuneScape clan and union leader Sound5Leader. The pre-fix "Sound5" is now seen commonly among scapers when referencing emotions, adjectives, or sometimes other runescape users.
User1: WTF that noob just sniped my Arcane Sigil!

User2: U Sound5mad bro.
by OrlyOwl9001 October 08, 2011
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The Sound 5 was a hugely popular pop group around the world, especially in Konoha. But an unfortunate incident happened, Kimimaro left the group after being accused of raping the other members. Sound 5, now the Sound 4, began to suck horribly afterwards. Wether it was just because Kimimaro left or being raped scarred them for life and hindered their performance, who knew? Point is, it pissed off their #1 fans, the highly feared gang, The Sand Siblings. So they, along with ally gang, The Konoha 5 killed all of them off.
The Sound 5 got pwned by the kickass Sand Siblings.
by AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs November 30, 2006
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