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The embodiment of three beliefs; creation, transformation, and recreation. The ability to create is the greatest gift a human can give to the world; with creation one can also inspire transformation and help guide others to see the world in a different light. To be able to make choices is what defines humans and the ability to become better or change oneself for the better is a common theme throughout history. Thus resurrection becomes the third belief. Anyone can change to become better, anyone can create and anyone can transform the world. Soultribe is not just a group but a label for those who believe in dedicating their life to greatness. Whether for themselves or for others they create and challenge society in ways that the majority of the world is in ready for. They don't see gender, race, or sexual preference. The people who rep Soultribe believe in change and believe in art. That's what the world is right? One big expression of creativity in different forms and ways. Soultribe is the embodiment of all art forms because art is something that is everywhere. The next cultural revolution of creativity is upon the world and Soultribe intends to be ahead off the crowd.
Kari:I believe in soultribe
Brian: soultribe is the way of life
by thesoultribekid July 08, 2013
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