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An ulcer on one’s soul. Usually the result of living a life of anger and contempt for all things animate and inanimate.

The spiritual wound that someone is willing to keep as a result of carrying a scalding boiling cauldron of resentment towards all mankind, usually from the moment they wake until they go to bed at night.

The spiritual result of someone that hates everyone and everything, and they constantly feel inclined to symbolically drink poison and expect other things to die.

Someone who rejoices in the misery and inadequacy of others and fails to notice that they are only hurting themselves, and if they did notice, they just don’t give a fuck.
“Did you see how he slapped that old lady and then smiled? He has a soulcer for sure.”

“He watched them ask to have the printer moved 20 feet and he spent the day imagining what it would be like to remove their limbs with a saw, one inch at a time… That will give him a soulcer.”

“Chris’ friend had a bad weekend in Wisconsin, got his heart broken. But he laughed his ass off the whole time, calling him a poor faggot. That dude is a soulcer.”
by fukkisdukkis August 18, 2014
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