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something said that is so brutal that it hurts, possibly even kills, a part of your soul. An insult that is just way over the line.
Harris is well know for his soul shots.

The diabolical supervillian, Black Diaper, inherits a car due to the passing of his grandfather, god rest his soul. Harris sits in the car and says "It smells like dead grandfather in here."

That is a soul shot.

The Diaper is working hard to get his life in order. He moves to back to his home state, gets a job and is making it on his own for the first time. Times are tough but he's making it happen. He mentions he's getting promoted to "CSR" and Harris says "CSR? What is that? COCK SUCKING RETARD?"

Another Soul shot.

The Man has no regard for human life. He is a legend
by Parth S Patel March 04, 2011
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