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Mindfulness reflective poetry to make you think and to take you back to the soul, Soueltry not Poultry is Brain food to the Brainless Soulless Society.

It is a scramble bamble jamble jumble of words in sequence and jumbles scrumbles mumbles onward stumbles until your Mind just damn near scrambles and fumbles.

soueltry not Poultry is reflective mindfuck poetry, often written by a Misfit, a outcast, Empath, Starseed, Indigo, mentalist, Free Thinker and The outcasts nobodies being stepped on everyday by Soulless Mindless Drone normal somebody's in this Fake Sheeple Society.

conditioned CAGED
And the Soulless hearts
When did we part
How did we get so
Blind just to start
How did we part
To get to the point
To having mindless

minds with
Soulless hearts
Why did we part
Where did we part
THE conditioned
Is just the start.
Soueltry not Poultry reflective Minfulness mindfuck poetry.
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by Riplles Mchee September 25, 2019
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