Baldie's apology when he almost comes within 10 feet of bumping into someone walking the other way. The words are preceded by a sudden and dramatic halt in which Baldie assumes the petrified stance of a person about to be run down by a tank: leaning back with hands up in a "please don't shoot, I'm an unarmed queer" gesture. This pathetic and unnecessary posture is made more ridiculous still by a facial expression of sheer terror, such as one might display when confronted by a rabid rhinoceros that has just eaten one's children.
Just saw Baldie in the corridor.

Did you talk to the twat?

No. He was about 20 metres away but appeared to believe he'd just knocked me over. He froze and shouted "Sorry mate!!!"

Fucking bent loser.
by Twaggy Smidgekin October 14, 2010
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An expression you say to someone who has just been absolutely roasted or to someone who has been through something harsh. It is meant to be sarcastic and has extra effect if said with a scouse (Liverpudlian) accent.

Made famous by the popular youtuber Cluxxed
1-“my dog just died
2-“Sorry Mate!”
by 4dabinz June 7, 2018
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