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The term "sopping pickle" is in direct reference to a post coitus penis (or other phallic sex toy) in which the man (or woman) was exceptional in their performance, thus causing their partner to gush and leave their member sopping wet, even dripping.

The word's origin is linked directly to the members of gaming crew RandomosityTV, Stefan and Corryn. They came up with the name when brainstorming a restaurant concept.

The concept involved scantily clad men and women servers and menu items named after vulgar internet slang such as "blue waffle", "truffle butter", etc.

The concept is currently in work.

Most common use is by the aforementioned gaming crew on the pirate game Sea of Thieves, to which they named their beloved Galleon and hope to have it custom skinned in game.
"He made me cum so hard, I gave him a sopping pickle!"
by Androgynous Alexander May 11, 2018
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