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The sophomore sluts are high school girls who somehow over the summer transform from awkward freshman girls into curvy, giggling, glittered up, party skanks. It is unknown how this transformation occurs, but top scientists theorize that it is some sort of witchcraft that causes the metamorphosis into a sophomore slut. They can be identified by their shorts that leave half of their ass hanging out, cheap multi-colored hair extension, and trashy tramp stamps. They are a senior girls worst enemy as they make it their personal mission to claim the senior guys for themselves, and seem to hold some magical allure for such guys.
Senior Girl: God, this skank just stole my boyfriend! We've been together since freshman year, how can he just leave me for some sophomore?

Wise Friend: She must be one of the Sophomore Sluts. Trust me, there was nothing you could do. He just can't help it.
by Funnylover May 08, 2014
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A group of girls who go from being nerdy freshman to total skanks in their sophomore year. Recognizable by their slutty outfits, glitter, and cheap colorful hair extensions. Each color corresponding to what they're willing to do. Orange means they'll kiss, Pink is for BJs, Red means they'll go all the way, and Silver means they'll pretty much do anything. Take a particular liking to senior guys, and are the mortal enemies of senior girls.
Senior Girl: The Sophomore Sluts are totally after my ex-boyfriend! We only broke up 3 days ago!
by DefinitionIsMyMission July 17, 2014
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