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A Sophmorgy is the act of several Sophmores in High-school or College getting together on the weekend and having massive orgies that usually involve no condoms and lots of assplay.
Depending on the hosts home, typical household pets such as dogs may be sucked off in the process, making it a win-win for everyone involved.
It typically happens due to the newfound sense of faggotry that comes with shedding of the title "Freshmen".

Side effects include HIV, Babies, Abortions, Anal Tearing and a false sense of accomplishment in regards to their social status's.
Hey, me and 10 other Sophmores are getting together this weekend to take part in the Sophmorgy of the year, we are going to take turns jerking and sucking the dog, maybe if everyone is up to it we can all lose our virginity status and gain the HIV status.
by Slayer of Poon March 15, 2011
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