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A combination of the words "sophomore" and "year", "sophmear" literally translates to a "shit sophomore year". This year is a big smear in your life. Sure, you're not a freshman anymore, but it really wasn't that bad, was it? I mean, nobody actually died or anything. But now, in sophomore year (not yet a sophmear), you're wondering, "where did all my friends go?" Now you're split up. It sucks. And your group doesn't like the other group. Why not? Nobody fucking knows, it just happened. When you and your friends (you know, your now-smaller group of friends, very exclusive) are hanging out, once you're all done shitting on everyone else, actually stop and think about why the hell we all don't hang out anymore? And while of course we all know that high-school problems mean absolutely nothing in real life, they do now. And this shouldn't be a problem in the first place. And now "she's" fighting with "her", and neither one will apologize because it's "the other girl's turn", and then of course "she" is caught in the crossfire and doesn't know which way to turn. But really, just think about it, fuck all this drama. Just fuck it. Everyone should really just chill with everyone else. It's no big deal. It's up to you freshmen to prevent a sophmear next year and trust me, it sucks if you don't.

NOTE: A sophomore year is only a sophmear if it sucks/sucked. If it's going great, keep it up. Nobody likes a sophmear.
Andrew: "Yo, I thought all this 'X-Town' vs. 'Domerock' stuff would be cool, just kidding around, right?"

Spencer: "Yeah, I know what you mean. It was all great at the beginning, but now we're all split up. This sucks. Now it's a sophmear."

Andrew: "Yeah, tru dat man. We really should get the gang back together."
by X-Towner May 14, 2009
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