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A girl who has a heart that is protected by a gate of gold and titanium. But to that gate his a small key of sugar. She has been hurt and loves when she knows the is something to you. She is the most perfect person in the entire world. She is a fisty person who will always take everything down FISTS first. She would treat you like a teddy bear is you are close to her and even if you don't really know her she will help you. Talented is just one of her many traits but the most special trait to her is the way her name is spelt. Sophiea is the goddess of wisdom and loves to fight with fuck ups. Never pass on a girl like her but then again she is plain hard to get and will test you and push you. She NEEDS a compition though so get ready.
Sophiea is a tough chick hey
by Esskettit June 26, 2018
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