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Someone so obsessed with the Sony playstation that they will blindly purchase and staunchly defend the company despite having absolutely no return from the company itself. Sonysexuals are characterised by an frequent use of internet slang such as "n00b" and "Pwn". Another characterisation is an unflinching defense of even the most awful mistakes by Sony, and the unquestioning purchase of even their worst products.
Reasonable gent - "So, Sony promised a hard drive with the PS2 and never delivered."

Sonysexual - "So what, Sony don't need to, the memory card RULES. Shut up, n00b."

Reasonable gent - "Oh wow, Sony's PS2 online capabilites are AWFUL! There is close to NO one who would defend such a cheap shoddy outing."

Sonysexual - "Oh what? Shut up! Sony rules, you know nothing n00b, shut up".

Reasonable gent - "The PS3 is being released for $600?! That is ridiculously expensive. That and it'll probably be made of the same faulty hardware that plagued the PS2, made to break in a year so you have to buy a new one."

Sonysexual - "Oh let me guess, you have an X-BOX!! Shows how little you know. PS2 rules, your system sucks balls, you know nothing, shut up, n00b".
by Nth RooCH June 27, 2006
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