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A very shitty rapper from Joliet Illinois. One who believes his skills on the mic are amazing, but is very wrong. He makes fun of black people when they cannot see it, the very people his music derives from. Has very bad punchlines, rhymes in general, and is unfortunately, the very reason hip-hop is going down the drain. He is a part of urban prep...A very stupid and dumb rap group he made up while a better version already exists. If you look on Youtube his raps will not be availiable because there were so many dislikes...He deleted them... So to sum it up...SonnyboyUP is just a terrible excuse for a rapper.
White boy- "What up my nigga,this shit bang"
Normal people- "What you listenin' to bruh'"
White boy- "SonnyboyUP"
Normal people (Crowd)"Turn that bullshit off...smdh..."
White boy-" Your just hatin on his lyrical skills bro"
Normal People-(walk away,shake head)
by sillyboi53 November 30, 2011
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