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Derived from the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the word is a combination of Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog) and Lucario (Pokemon). It refers to the male sexual act of ejaculation, although this type of ejaculation means severe bursts of golden semen.

The semen is golden and bursts out of the penis amazingly fast like Sonic's smash attack and in a long, steady flow like Lucario's smash attack, hence the combination of the two. The semen can either be golden, atomic blue, or both depending on the male's mood.

The speed of the ejaculation can also vary depending on the male's mood. The taste of the semen is usually very good but can be bitter at times if the male eats nothing but junk food.

After this type of ejaculation happens, the male is usually drained and won't be able to produce much semen for at least a day.
Spartan #1: Hey, Pyro, how was your night?
Pyro: Amazing. I gave my girl the good ol' Sonicario. Hehehe.
Spartan #2: Man, I wish I could do that.
by Teh Pyro April 30, 2008
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