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An extreme physical change over Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog. This was an attempt to give alternate game play in the video game Sonic Unleashed The Werehog is Werewolf like. His speed has severely slowed down. Sega attempted to make for the speed with combat techniques, which are given by collecting amounts of Dark Gaia Force. Although mostly long and tedious, the Werehog is an ok start for alternative game play. Few levels are actually enjoyable. (I.E Chun-Nan) The PS3/Xbox 360 has much better combat as opposed to the Wii.
Sonic Fan: Yay! Better 3-D Sonic! Wait, *picks up case* Sonic the Werehog? Hmm, looks interesting

*Plays through first night stage*
Sonic Fan: I hate you Sega
by Chaos Punishment February 25, 2010
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