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Song Joong-Ki is a Korean actor/model/one song singer known for his flawless, soft skin and overall awesomeness. He's featured on many cosmetic products due to his divine skin quality envied by many women, including his own mother. He has been in many dramas and clearly outshines his co-stars. So far he has been in Love Racing, My Precious Child, OB/GYN Doctors, Will It Snow For Christmas?, My Fair Lady, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Triple, Tree With Deep Roots, and Nice Guy. He sang an OST song for Nice Guy, so obviously, he's a full-fledged professional singer now. His new album will be sold in stores soon.
"Did you watch Nice Guy?"
"Is that the one with that flawless male lead?"
"Song Joong-Ki I presume?"
"Why yes! He's a very dashing fellow."
"I hate the girl he's with. She obviously doesn't know what "boundaries" mean!"
"Amen, sister! He's all mine!!!"
*(start fighting)
by SkksJoongki November 10, 2012
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