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An extremely small town that is located about 30 minutes outside of huntsville. We have a video store, a Feed & Seed, and a few gas stations. And lotsa cows. Oh, and there is a trailer park where all the sex offenders live.. But the people in this town are pretty nice and good natured, when they are not meth addicts or sex offenders or Smiling Jimmy. Smiling Jimmy is a guy who loves on Peck Holler Road who masturbates in his truck behind a newspaper and I really don't see why he isn't in prison because he has been caught at our local schools fapping in the parking lot at kids.. So other than the sex offenders, meth addicts, hicks, and Smiling Jimmy, Somerville is a great little town and you should visit!! (I live there, its legit)
Boy: So, where do you live?

Girl: Somerville, Alabama, and yourself?

Boy: Huntsville.. Wait.... Isn't Somerville where all the sex offenders, meth addicts, hicks, and Smiling Jimmy live?

Girl: Yes! I can't believe you have heard of it. Smiling Jimmy gave me candy once!
by Maggie2013 March 13, 2011
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