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The highest state of being a slut. Only 7 of these legendary sluts are known to exist in the world.

1. The Solt cannot close her legs under any circumstance, so the Solt walks like a deformed camel with autism.

2. The Solt usually acts as a leader of a sacrificial cult full of STD riddling sluts to determine whether a woman is slutty enough.

3. The Solt has every sexual transmitted disease known to exist. Has the power to transmit STD's without engaging in any sexual activity.
Kenny: The doctor informed me that I have syphilis, chlamydia, and hepatitis! I knew I shouldn't have went to Amsterdam...

Siri: It's because you walked next to that Solt. Just getting near her is basically having sex with 33 homeless Nicaraguans, eating a bowl of rhino shit, contracting AIDs from an entire colony of an African tribe, and holding hands with Kim Cattrall.
by SiriXC July 23, 2012
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