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Solar Toking is a term for liting Marijuana in bowl or bong, outdoors, using the power of the sun and a magnifying glass or fresnel lens. By angling the magnifying glass or lens between the marijuana and the sun and focusing the beam into a dot the marijuana will ignite.

The reasons for doing this are:

1). Taste -
Marijuana smoked in this was is undiluted by butane or flint smoke from lighters.

2). Burns Clean -
The Marijuana smoked in this way burns clean rather than absorbing butane and chemicals from lighters.

3). Green Hits to the end -
The small area that is combusted by a beam of light allows for continuious inhalations of fresh Marijuana material.

4). Vaporizing -
With practice a Solar Toker can produce an affect simulair to Vaporizing without urning the material. By controlling the focus of light the bowl can be heated up releasing Marijuanas essential vapors.

5). No Wind -
The wind blows out the flame of a lighter. The Suns rays are not affected by wind.

6). Efficency -
Solar Toking is very efficent because it does not destroy and incinerate Marijuana material as a lighter does. Solar Toking can be precise so that no Material is wasted.

7). Time -
Solar Toking on a clear day, Marijuana can be ignited almost instantly if angled and aimed properly.

The only major drawback is that it is difficult to use Solar Toking in cloudy conditions. A clear to partly cloudy sky is optimal for Solar Toking.
Weedster 1: Whats that term they use for smoking out in the sun with a magnifying glass?

Weedster 2: Solar Toking?
by TheMadBonger March 27, 2007
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