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During this time the victim is considered dead but the brain is still fully active. Within 3 hours of this happening the body reanimates without a need for oxygen and as a totally different mental entity.

The new mental entity could only be considered animal that relays on instinct for feeding. The bite from a Solanum victim will infect the one bitten with the disease.

The Symptoms of infection are the following:

Hour 1: Body Aches and if the virus contacted from a would, bruising and fast clotting

Hour 4: A low-grade fever (99-101), vomiting and severe pain in joints.

Hour 9: Numbing of arms and legs, Random Muscular seizures and high grade fever (101-105(6))

Hour 10: Loss of body use in torso down. No feeling and slowed heart rate

Hour 15: Coma

Hour 19: Heart Stoppage

Hour 20-23: Reanimation as an animal like person...THIS IS NOT THE ORGINAL PERSON THEY HAVE NO PREVIOUS MEMORIES
"I am sorry Mr and Mrs. Jones but Johnny has contracted Solamun and will need to taken into a sercure medial toxin control cell and extermenated before renaimation" said the doctor after the parents in their child in a Coma
by Vinz February 06, 2005
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