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The Jaoist tradition tells of Soiletheus and his role in the Jaoist pantheon. Later synonymous with the Anti-J (Anok) in the New Jackist Testament.

According to the ancient legend, Soiletheus stole the first slug of excrement from Xanus (chief Jaoist diety). Xanus found himself irate and chose to punish all men by cursing each of them with an anus so that they would never forget.

Scholars have suggested that the Grecian tale of Prometheus is cognate, or possibly may have even had its origins here.
"He was mad at that moment with the spirit of Soiletheus. For it was apparent that no man's trousers should ever sag so horribly," (Noctes Excrementi).

"The heathen Jaoist priest gripped the wooden idol of Soiletheus. Then, without shame, demonstrated to onlookers how capacious his toga truly was," (Journal of a Crusader)
by Pierre July 09, 2005
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